ICECOOL Antarcica

Oceanwide Expeditions

Who else could offer such an exciting main prize than pioneers of Polar travel?

Being pioneers of ship-based expeditions and inventors of Basecamp Antarctica, Oceanwide Expeditions specialises in expedition-style voyages to Antarctica and the Arctic. Deploying their own fleet of ice-strengthened vessels, the company provides flexible tours where passengers can get close contact with polar wildlife, landscapes, and historical sites. 

Tours usually take place in regions only accessible by sea, with little to no infrastructure. The locations visited are first reached by ship, after which expedition guides take small groups of passengers to landing sites. Their goal is to take you off the ship and into the action as often as possible. Their sea routes are short and direct, allowing for maximum shore time.

To the winner of the contest, Oceanwide Expeditions is offering an unforgettable trip and memories that will last a lifetime. Are you ready to take the first step into your next adventure?

More info about Polar travel on Oceanwide Expeditions website.

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